Different Side of Greta

Greta loves being a financial planner, but when the work day ends she looks forward to  spending time with friends and family.  She is happily settled in Fairbanks with her husband Ken and two young daughters Odetta and Iris, who are old enough to rally outside on a cold winter day and outrun mosquitos on their mountain bikes.  She is fortunate to have forested running, skiing, and dog walking trails right outside her door that are perfect for work breaks.

She and her husband share the love of music and regularly jam on their deck with friends and play in bands to keep their skills sharp.  While both the girls take traditional music lessons, she loves playing music as a family to keep it interesting.

She loves travel and foreign language.  Before settling down with Ken, Greta logged nearly 3 years on separate trips to England and Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Fiji and living out of her truck in the lower 48.  She hopes to make her way back to Latin America.  She secretly hopes her girls will take her up on a standing offer to visit any foreign country for which they become fluent.  As a landscape photographer, Ken shares her love of travel and has managed to put together  multi-month, work related trips to Minnesota and Flagstaff Arizona.  Their next stop is Norway.

Greta and Ken love sharing the outdoors with their girls and recreating in the wilderness, be it by skis, behind dogs, on boats, or on their own two feet.  Greta grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska, where hypothermia-inducing winter temperatures prepared her from a young age for her rugged life in Northern Alaska.  As a young girl, her family spent many weeks every summer exploring the remote coves and bays for great fishing holes and adventures.  Although both these Alaskan towns offer their own climatic challenges, both have taught her to manage the challenges in order to enjoy the unique wonder they provide.