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Our fiduciary financial advisory practice offers the financial planning and investment management services that make it possible.

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Know Your Financial Future is Secure

You’ve worked too hard to settle for anything less than the best version of your life.

Taking time out of your busy day to focus on your personal finances can feel tedious and leave you feeling uneasy about the reality you’ll walk into once you retire. Besides, what you’ve been doing so far seems to be working well enough. But no one should have to accept “good enough” after spending a lifetime working and saving for retirement.

As a researcher and engineer turned fiduciary financial advisor in the State of Alaska, I know how to navigate the financial complexities and opportunities you face. Living your life the way you want while also maintaining your financial security is possible. I can’t wait to show you how.

We help Alaska Public Employees Prosper

As a State of Alaska employee or working resident in Alaska, your financial opportunities are tremendous. You have likely been participating in your employer-sponsored retirement plan so you know you’ll have money for retirement. But do you know what your retirement will look like? Will you have enough to afford the lifestyle you want in retirement? Are there opportunities you’re missing right now to stretch your money further and create more margin today and well into your future

You’re probably asking yourself some very important questions as a State of Alaska Employee.

Am I going to be ok on the PERS/TRS defined contribution plan and not the defined benefit plan with the pension and retirement benefits?
My pension amount is pretty small. Should I just cash out on it and manage it myself?
How should I invest my defined contribution plan in Empower?
PERS has bare bone disability coverage. Is gap coverage necessary?
I’m not on the defined benefit plan. Is it worth paying the premiums for the SOA Retirement Health Plan or should I go with Medicap coverage?
How do I use the Deferred Compensation plan to its maximum use? Is it the right plan for me?
How can I minimize my lifetime tax liability?

Or, if you’re very near retirement:

Are there any special things I need to do to ensure I receive all my entitled SOA benefits after I retire?
How do my spouse and I ensure we qualify for retirement health care benefits? What steps should I take to ensure I don’t miss them?
Which survivor benefit should I select?
Should I enroll in a SOA long-term care plan? Which one?
What other benefits are available to me?
We get it and we can help. These are exactly the questions I answer for my clients on a daily basis, and I can help you find the answers you need, too. We work closely with clients within the State of Alaska and its higher education retirement systems. Your retirement benefits are unique and we can help you make the most of the financial opportunities available to you through PERS, TRS, private investing, and Social Security.

How we help?

Pre-retirement Planning

So you have enough now and into the future

  • Retirement planning and other goals coordination
  • Risk Management – Life, income and asset protection
  • Savings analysis and cashflow coordination
  • Maximizing employee benefits

Retirement Income Planning

Never run out of money

  • Benefit Analysis and maximization – Social Security and Pension Analysis
  • Retirement income coordination
  • Long-term care and asset protection

Investment Management

Tax efficient strategies for asset accumulation and distribution

  • Suitable Asset allocation and portfolio selection
  • Performance Review and reports
  • Continuous investment monitoring

How Our Financial Planning Process Can Lead to Greater Security



We have a meeting and get to know each other to ensure we’re the right fit for each other.


We analyze your financial reality and identify opportunities that you may have not even realized existed.


We deliver a complete 1-page financial plan that shows you exactly what you can do to improve your financial outlook.


You decide if you want to hire us.

Stop Accepting a “Good Enough” Financial Reality

Secure your financial future and experience a better version of your life.

For most of my clients, it’s not that they won’t be able to retire well in retirement. Between your pension, 401(k), defined contribution or deferred compensation plan, and Social Security, chances are you are already in a good place. Knowing how to maximize your benefits today, avoiding critical (and costly) mistakes that can undermine your financial success, and leveraging other wealth-building strategies can make the difference between mediocrity and prosperity.


Get a solid, wisdom-based plan


Experience more financial confidence


Live your best version of retirement

5 Money Steps Every Alaskan Can Take To Improve Quality of Life

I don’t want you to settle for “good enough,” in your financial life. This book was created to take you from “good enough” to having the confidence and knowledge to define and achieve what’s possible.

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