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Today’s professionals are busy juggling family, career, and everyday life. Retirees are wondering how to make their money last.

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About You

Have you ever found yourself worrying about money? Whether you’re doing all you can to secure your future, avoiding mistakes that could cost you tremendously down the road, or simply feeling like there is never quite enough of it? I completely understand. I’ve been there, too.

You want to live a full life, not just get by. You want guidance on critical financial decisions like planning for the kids’ college or understanding your retirement accounts. You want to know you’re doing it “right” so that you aren’t blindsided later. You worry you may not have enough money to support you through your lifetime, because you aren’t quite sure how much money you even need.

Finding time to focus on your finances never seems to make your agenda. Let’s be honest, money can be a stressful topic and one all too often avoided. Yet, when you have a financial professional on your team to offer you leadership and support, it can take that mountain of a task and make it a well-executed priority.

Frontier Financial Planning specializes in working with academic professionals, including but not limited to those employed by the University of Alaska, and the State of Alaska employees. We love helping these employees understand their benefits and the additional opportunities available to them so they can make the best choices with their money.

We believe that people reliant on employer-sponsored retirement plans, like our clients in the higher education systems, should have just as much access to financial resources and opportunities as private investors. Our firm offers a clear and transparent view of your road to financial independence with the expertise and full service that can get you there.

Our Wealth Management service includes Frontier to Frontier Planning and Investment Management Services.

About me

Greta is a CFP® professional and the founder of Frontier Financial Planning. Greta is an active member of financial planning organizations National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and XY Planning Network. Each year she studies thousands of pages of financial text and is mentored by the country’s top minds in financial, legal and tax planning.

Greta attended Montana State University where she obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering. After practicing in Anchorage, Alaska, she pursued and completed a M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and Hydrology from University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She worked as a water-resources and environmental engineer in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and remote Alaska locations for 18 years.

In 2012, Greta made the career change to financial advising. Her curiosity for solving financial challenges, love of geeking out on elaborate spreadsheets, and motivation to help others propelled her toward becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Greta founded Frontier Financial Planning in 2017 to help professionals in higher education and State of Alaska employees create financial well-being. This firm continues to serve Alaskans and academic professional throughout the United States.

The Rest of Our Team

Frontier Financial Planning is supported by a team of experts in these fields:

Investment Managment

It takes extensive time and expertise to make well-informed investment decisions. We believe we best serve our clients by recommending and providing you access to top portfolio management solutions. I am pleased to work with XY Investment Solutions for this service. Through this relationship, we are able to provide the best investment management to support your broader financial planning efforts.

Financial Professionals

Despite our small size, we maintain a robust network of professionals that include accountants, attorneys, insurance experts, and mortgage/banking experts. If you need us to facilitate a conversation with the best minds in these industries, we would be happy to connect you with them.

Certified Financial Planners

We are active participants of the XY planning network, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, and The Perfect RIA, and Kitces Bird Eye View and other financial planning organizations. Through these networks we share our expertise and knowledge, allowing us to offer our clients the best possible strategies for their unique situations. We continue to work with other advisors who share our mission of helping people find personal well-being through financial awareness.

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