A comprehensive financial plan brings clarity to your financial situation so it’s easier to make the right decision. It helps to identify the gaps between your current financial situation and what you’d like to accomplish so you can move forward in the right direction.

Financial Planning

The services you deserve

We believe that people reliant on employer-sponsored retirement plans, like our clients in the higher education systems, should have just as much access to financial resources and opportunities as private investors. Our firm offers a clear and transparent view of your road to financial independence with the expertise and full service that can get you there.

Our Wealth Management service includes Frontier to Frontier Planning and Investment Management Services.

Your financial plan is reviewed in stages over a 2 year cycle and investment management is revisited annually.


Plan and Proposal:

Includes a financial assessment of all major areas of your life that impact your finances including risk management (insurance and estate), retirement planning or retirement income planning, investment planning, tax planning, and goals.

Kick-off Planning:

2-3 Strategy Sessions to address your most pressing issues and areas we see that need immediate attention.


Face-to-Face Meetings:

Bi-annual in-person meetings where we meet to discuss life, share progress, and address changes to your financial plan.

Ongoing Planning:

Quarterly customized client communications with plan updates based on the core planning topics (risk management, estate planning, retirement, tax, and investments) or special topics based on current events that influence your finances.

Ongoing Access:

Reach me anytime via email, phone, or client meeting as requested to address your financial needs outside our regularly scheduled meetings. I understand that life events and changes happen at any time.

Full Financial Coordination:

Collaboration with your other financial partners such as insurance brokers, attorneys, and CPAs when needed to answer questions and ensure your best financial interests are preserved.


Financial Planning Fees

Start at $3,900 and are based on complexity.

A One-Time Initial Planning Fees

Starts at $1,000 for an engagement.

Investment Management

The tools that support your plan

We offer professional investment management designed to help you reach your goals, whether you’re seeking 40+ years of reliable retirement income or looking to grow and protect your wealth.

We believe that markets are mainly efficient. Rather than relying on forecasting or trying to outguess others, we believe market prices, set by millions of buyers and sellers, are fair. This frees us up to take a less subjective and systematic approach to your investing.

Partnering with XY Investment Solutions, we design and manage diversified portfolios that are aligned with your goals, investment time frame, financial needs, comfort with volatility, and other unique needs that you may have.


Investment Management Fees

Start at 0.9% annually for assets under management with the firm.

One-stop Planning Session

Only want to focus on one or two topics to get you off the ground?

This financial session includes:

  • One meeting with advisor.
  • An email summary of recommendations.
  • Follow up access for 30 days.
  • Minimum billable access for any topic is 3 hours.

Examples of topics may include:

  • Debt repayment
  • Home buying
  • Education savings
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Student loan recommendations
  • Portfolio rebalancing


One-stop Planning Session


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