Should You Turn Your HSA into a ‘Medical IRA’?

Should You Turn Your HSA into a ‘Medical IRA’? Health Savings Account Investments Personal Finance Health Savings Accounts (HSA) offer a great tax-efficient option for paying your current qualified medical expenses.  If you participate in an eligible high deductible healthcare plan (HDHP) and are contributing to an HSA, you might already know this.  Something you […]

Keeping perspective on what you can financially control

Keeping Perspective on What You can Financially Control Savings Spending Investments Taxes I understand that it can be confusing to know what financial decisions are most important to pay attention to and which ones should be left alone or passed off to others. I may encourage you to pay attention to your budget so that […]

Investing During a Volatile Market

Tips for Investing During a Volatile Market Investments Taxes Although economic instability is not directly connected to bear markets, a struggling economy and these unusual circumstances can cause fear that your accounts will lose money with market volatility. The first casualty of a bear market is an investor’s ability to distinguish between temporary volatility and […]